Why so weak ?

Having control over nothing That is being weak. Letting the world throw you away Like a piece of trash. Weak. Why so weak ? Because you do not believe in yourself. Your mind is weak. Your mind is the world. Once you master it You have mastered the world.


Stop being a loser

Im fucking sick and tired of this shit. What the fuck am I doing. I am absolutely sick and tired of myself. Why am I so weak... Why am I so fragile... Why do I hate myself ? Because I am a loser. I am a creep And I am a weirdo. I am not … Continue reading Stop being a loser

You are unique

Life is great We are great and most importantly, you are great. Why are you so great ? Because you have the luxary of being alive in this beautiful world. You can breathe, you can speak and you can think what you want to think. You are you. You are unique. You are special. You … Continue reading You are unique