Life is full of lost opportunities

my life is full of lost opportunities everything is in front of me but I cannot seem to see it What is my problem ?! I do not understand... I always keep on searching in the wrong place I am worth something but I do not know what that something is... What is my goal … Continue reading Life is full of lost opportunities



Life, How do you do it ? I hate you so much And I love you eve more. You are such a mystery, You spit on my face  And you also give me a passionate kiss afterwards What the hell is wrong with you ? Can't you make up your mind, Do you love me … Continue reading Life


I feel so empty I seem to have everything I wish A healthy body An amazing family Formidable friends The materialistic things I want. Everything most people are looking for... But I feel so darn empty. I feel like I lack purpose. I don't know what to do with my life I dont know where … Continue reading Emptiness


We all fear it, We hate it and despise it. We try to avoid it as much as possible. The end is always next to us But we dismiss it. At each second that passes, Something ends. In fact, everything will end. But why do we dismiss it ? Maybe it's because we still didn't … Continue reading End 

My drug

I want to feel special, I want to be seen by every one. I want attention... I am striving for attention, it is my drug. I'll do anything to get it from doing absolutely imbecile things to deviate from my personality and be something I am not. All i care is about that sweet attention... … Continue reading My drug