Lean towards it

I sometimes feel like something big will happen. This is a weird feeling, Its a feeling of emptiness. You feel empty because you can't accomplish what you want. Something is holding you back from greatness and you just want to destroy that wall. What the future holds is still unknown. You cannot stop thinking about … Continue reading Lean towards it

You are amazing

Life is amazing. You might not realise it but you too, the reader, are amazing. You are unique. You might not realise it But your presence is changing the world. Just like you dont notice your growth and how you breath, you are indeed changing the entire universe. Keep on doing whatever you are doing, … Continue reading You are amazing

The present

Watching the days go by, They pass so fast. These thoughts led me to this question: Does the present exist ? Each seconds that passes in our lives are part of the past. Each second that hasn't passed yet are part of the future. Where is the present ? The "present" always get consumed by … Continue reading The present

Hopes and dreams

Hopes and dreams. Everyone has them. We all want to accomplish them, Some people wish to do so But they cannot identify them. Some people seek for their hopes and dreams without ever finsding them Some people take it sometimes too far and sacrifice other people for their own dreams. But why do such things … Continue reading Hopes and dreams